New expiration date for dependent/retiree ID cards

  • Published
  • By Samuel King Jr.

Expiration dates on dependent and retiree ID cards is extended until June 30, 2021.  This same information can be found on the COVID service reductions and closures page.


Unblock CACs

Issue new CACs to members who will expire within the next 30 days

Issue initial ID for members who are due to Separate/Retire

Update DEERs and issue ID, if applicable, with Birth, Divorce, or Marriage

Issue Dependent ID cards that expired 1 January 2020 – 30 April 2020

Issue initial Dependent ID (now have to be 14 years old for initial issue; the minimum age used to be 10 years)

Tri-Care Young adult initial issue– issuing an ID for Sponsors children between the age of 21-26 who are not enrolled into college

Full time college student that turns 21 – sponsor will need to bring dependent's full time student status letter from the registrar’s office

Retirees who turn 65 for Medicare enrollment


Issue new CAC to members that have more than 30 days remaining to expiration

Issue new CAC/Dependent/Retiree ID to anyone for the sole purpose of info change like new name due to marriage or divorce or change in rank

An appointment is required for the above categories and will be limited and first come first serve as we are prioritizing initial and expired Common Access Cards (CAC). Email or call (850) 882-6365 to schedule your appointment