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433rd TS MTI Requirements and Duties

433rd TRS Information

  • Job Qualifications
    • - SSgt with 2 year TIG, TSgt/MSgt at least 4 years from high year tenure
    • - Completion of 7-level
    • - 42 months of retainability as of RNLTD
    • - Meet minimum physical profile of 121221
    • - Project an outstanding professional military image
    • - Excellent records with overall ratings of 5 or exceeds most, if not all expectations (new form) on last 3 EPRs, must submit last 3 EPRs or Letter of Evaluation AF Form 77 from supervisors in lieu of EPRs for application
    • - No record of disciplinary action or financial irresponsibility in Air Force career, e.g. Article 15, UIF, control roster
    • - Current PT composite score of 75 or better in the past 12 months and no PT failures in the past 12 months (no exemptions)
  • How to Join the 433rd TRS
    • - Palace Chase Program (Active Duty Early Release)
    • - Palace Front (Continuous Service from Active Duty to Reserve)
    • - Apply through MYPERS (AGR), ISR/433rd TRS MTI
    • - Recruiting (TRs)
    • - Application goes through a thorough screening process and forwarded to hiring authority
  • Career Benefits
    • - Monthly special duty pay
    • - $239.50 annual supplementary clothing allowance (AGR only, TRs will be issued)
    • - Outstanding awards program
    • - Eligible for the AETC Master Instructor Badge, eligible for Master Military Training Instructor
    • - Earn 12 credits towards CCAF degree in Education and Training Management
    • - Provided with MTI PT clothing
    • - State of the art working environment in future Airman Training Complex
    • - Special duty ribbon (upon completion of your tour)
  • Available Positions
    • - Active Guard Reserve (AGR) TSgt-CMSgt availability based on vacant positions
    • - Traditional Reservist (TR) TSgt-SMSgt available year round

Military Training Instructor News


340th FTG Units

340th Flying Training Group
Toll Free: 1-888-340-1612
DSN 487-1612

5th Flying Training Squadron - Vance AFB, Oklahoma.
Toll Free: 1-888-781-5387
DSN 448-7700

39th FTS - Randolph AFB, Texas
Toll Free: 1-877-720-9899
DSN 487-7120

43d FTS - Columbus AFB, Mississippi
Toll Free: 1-877-281-1482
DSN 742-3571

70th Flight Training Squadron - USAFA, Colorado.
Comm. 1-719-333-9309
DSN 333-9309

96th FTS - Laughlin AFB, Texas
Toll Free: 1-800-425-3080
DSN 732-9600

97th FTS - Sheppard AFB, Texas
Toll Free: 1-877-338-4538
DSN 736-8414

433rd Training Squadron - JBSA Lackland, Texas
Comm: 210-671-7589/2410
DSN 473-7589/2410