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     Lineage.  Constituted 39 Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) on 22 Dec 1939. Activated on 1 Feb 1940. Redesignated:  39 Fighter Squadron on 15 May 1942; 39 Fighter Squadron (Twin Engine) on 27 Oct 1942; 39 Fighter Squadron, Single Engine on 19 Feb 1944; 39 Fighter-Interceptor Squadron on 20 Jan 1950. Inactivated on 8 Dec 1957. Redesignated 39 Tactical

    Mission:  Develop and maintain an integrated cadre of highly-qualified Reserve military training instructors to support the operational needs of Basic Military Training. Vision:  A fully integrated Reserve force that provides flexible, continuous military training instructor expertise and surge-capacity for basic military training. Motto.  Raiders.
  • 97th Flying Training Squadron

    Mission:  Provide world-class instruction to Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training student pilots and instructor Trainees while demonstrating the values and discipline of military professionals. Vision:  Serve as the benchmark for integrated associate operations in AFRC and AETC as an unrivaled wingman. Lineage.  Constituted 97 Pursuit Squadron
  • 96th Flying Training Squadron

    Mission: Provide experienced instructor pilots to AETC to graduate the world's best military pilots and develop professional, resilient, and innovative leaders for AFRC and the Total Force. Vision:  Be the go-to professional, experienced leaders and instructors at Laughlin AFB and the premier GSU in the 340 FTG, investing in the development of AFRC
  • 70th Flying Training Squadron

    The 70th Flying Training Squadron (70 FTS) falls under the 340th Flight Training Group (340 FTG) for administrative control and the 306th Flying Training Group (306 FTG) for operational control. The 70 FTS augments the 306 FTG in support of the USAFA Cadet Airmanship programs. The 70 FTS also augments the 94th Flying Training Squadron for glider training, the 98th Flying Training Squadron for the parachuting element, of training and the 557th Flying Training Squadron for powered flight training.
  • 5th Flying Training Squadron

    The 5th Flying Training Squadron is part of the U.S. Air Force 71st Flying Training Wing based at Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma. It operates the T-1 Jayhawk, T-38B Talon, and T-6A Texan II aircraft conducting flight training in support of the 71st Operations Group.
  • 43rd Flying Training Squadron (AFRC)

    43rd Flying Training Squadron The 43rd Flying Training Squadron administers and executes the AETC/AFRC Associate Instructor Pilot Program and provides Active Guard Reserve (AGR) and Traditional Reserve (TR) instructor pilots to augment the cadre of active duty pilots conducting pilot training. During wartime, or in the event of hostilities, the unit is mobilized to offset anticipated losses of experienced active duty pilot contributions to the instructor pilot training programs. The 43rd Flying Training Squadron and the 14th Flying Training Wing members work hand-in-hand to ensure the highest caliber of instructor pilots fulfill the wing mission: Produce Pilots, Advance Airmen, Feed the Fight.

340th FTG Mission, Vision, Priorities