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  • Spiritually Quarantined

    What a time to be alive! I know you are wondering, “What the heck are you talking about, Chap?” We are in the middle of a Pandemic that is scary and not sure how long it will last.Yes, I know!As a healthcare Chaplain, I am seeing things unfold first hand. The fear that many are walking around with

  • Someone's always there to talk to

    Perhaps the hustle and bustle of Air Force life has your head spinning or the new way of life created by the current pandemic has you in need of someone to talk to.The Military and Family Life Counseling Program is always there for you and your family members.“F.E. Warren has three licensed MFLC

  • An outbreak of COVID-Kindness? Am I symptomatic?

    In the midst of this global pandemic, there is a little known outbreak of kindness, “COVID-Kindness”, happening around the world simultaneously. A neighbor wanting to honor physical distancing and still help her neighbors created an “I can help” postcard to drop in mailboxes. The card lists her

  • Finding your tribe to help light the way

    A friend of mine recently posted about the slight panicked feeling she had when it dawned on her she didn’t really know what to do if her kids came down with the COVID-19 virus while her husband was deployed. Not even two minutes after she posted came the flood of replies from her tribe. Friends and

  • Hoaxes, cyberattacks and scams - oh my!

    During this COVID-19 outbreak, we face unprecedented challenges touching every aspect of our lives.  This has brought out the best in many of us, including McConnell’s military and civilian personnel and their families. Sadly, these challenges also provide an opportunity to bad actors looking to

  • Caring Through Chaos

    The world has seemingly plunged into unprecedented turmoil, with fear and uncertainty driving behavior that would be unlikely never be seen in “normal times.”COVID-19, or the coronavirus, has thrust the U.S. into a state of mind that has been at times unsettling, but at least in some instances,

  • Quarantined: Life at Home for an Extroverted Leader

    My hours remain long. Because I am never more than a few feet away from my kitchen office, I am always at work. And, because I am worried about my team’s stressors, I am on the net during all waking hours.

  • Tuesday Mornings

    Ordinarily, there is nothing remarkable about a Tuesday morning. At best, it proves we made it through Monday; at worst, it serves as a reminder that Friday is still three days away. For the past 24 months, it has meant something more to me and my wife.