The 433rd Training Squadron, assigned to the 340th Flying Training Group located at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, Texas, is the only all-Reserve military training instructor unit in the Air Force. A prime example of total force integration, 433rd Reserve MTIs serve side-by-side with their 37th Training Wing active mission partners at JBSA-Lackland to create the next generation of Airmen. The 433rd adopted the motto “Raiders - You Need, We Lead!” to honor the heroism exhibited by Doolittle Raider Lt. Col. Dick Cole and his fellow Raiders which changed the course of the Pacific campaign during World War II. The 433rd TRS plays a significant role in the production of 41,000 new Air and Space warriors annually.


Mission:  Develop and maintain an integrated cadre of highly-qualified Reserve military training instructors to support the operational needs of Basic Military Training.


Vision:  A fully integrated Reserve force that provides flexible, continuous military training instructor expertise and surge-capacity for basic military training.


Motto.  Raiders. You Need, We Lead!


The 433rd Training Squadron has supported Basic Military Training at Joint-Base San Antonio-Lackland since 1983. Reserve Military Training Instructors serve side-by-side with active duty mission partners to create the next generation of Airmen for the Air Force. The squadron also provides MTI support to Reserve Officer Training Corps and Officer Training School on a situational basis. The 433rd TRS embraces five overarching principles in daily execution and strategic planning.

1) Non-negotiable standards

2) Keeping perspective of our role in ensuring Air Force combat capability

3) Ensuring we are always proficient and ready to perform expertly the BMT mission at a moment's notice

4) Exemplifying absolute professionalism and mutual respect with everybody with whom we interact

5) Making the time to recognize and celebrate excellence


Lineage.  Designated 8050th Military Training Squadron, and activated in the Reserve, on 15 Mar 1983. Redesignated 604th Training Squadron on 1 Oct 1994. Inactivated on 15 Jun 1995. Consolidated (10 Jan 1997) under the 433rd Airlift Wing as the 433rd Training Squadron, which was constituted on 9 Jun 1995. Activated in the Reserve on 15 Jun 1995. On 1 Oct 2011, transitioned from the 433rd Airlift Wing to the 340th Flying Training Group.


Commanders.  Lt. Col. Joseph Hearn (1983-1991), Lt. Col. Daniel Egizi (1991-1997), Lt. Col. Timothy Sweeney (1997-2001), Lt. Col. Mark Melcher (2001-2004), Lt. Col. Armando Sanchez (2004-2011), Lt. Col. Debra Pharris (2011-2012), Lt. Col. Brian Carter (2012-2013), Lt. Col. Rebecca Welch (2013-2014), Lt. Col. Janette Thode (2015-2017); Lt. Col. Christopher Victoria (2017-2019); Lt. Col. Anthony Erard (2019-2021); Maj. Robert E. Glover (2021-Present).

Service Streamers. None


Campaign Streamers. None


Armed Forces Expeditionary streamers. None


Decorations. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award: 1 Sep 2004 to 31 Oct 2006; Air Force Outstanding Unit Award: 1 Jan-30 Sep 1988; Air Force Organizational Excellence Award: 1 Jan 1986-31 Dec 1987.


Stations.  Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland (Lackland AFB), Texas, 15 Mar 1983-Present.


Date prepared.  20 Dec 2016


Updated:  01 Jan 2022