Chief’s Corner: Faith and Change 2020

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Scott Goetze
  • 340th Flying Training Group

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-Randolph, Texas – There are all kinds of websites, news reports, theories and opinions on the latest “social impact” on our society. Today’s impact is labeled COVID-19. I have to remind myself that sometimes there are things in life that happen to you that are so unexpected that you fail to comprehend their inherent value. Such is the case where I find the men and women of the 340th Flying Training Group today.

I don't know if it is because I grew up in a small farm community or what, but I've never been one for deep, complex theories on these topics. For me, keeping it simple and basic always worked best. So with that in mind, I recommend we focus on these two invisible traits:

Faith when it comes to success: I'm not talking about spiritual or religious faith. I'm talking about having faith in the system. You have to have faith in the system, faith in your leadership, faith in your peers and faith in your people.

Change at some point is inevitable: Change seems to be one of the few things that may very well be consistent throughout your Air Force career. Many people fear change, but change can be positive in many situations, and can help us become better and more efficient at what we do. Accept it – Embrace it.

The successes the U.S. government and the Air Force have garnered over the years can be directly attributed to the leadership of our current and past presidents and congress, as well as the Airmen, noncommissioned officers, senior NCOs and officers who have led or been part of our Air Force during some of the most difficult times our country has ever seen. Keep your faith, accept the change and know we’re all going to get through this together as a family.

Chief – out!