Take time to prepare so you can enjoy your summer plans

  • Published
  • By Shane MacDonald
  • 340th Flying Training Group Emergency Management

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-Randolph, Texas – When you think summer, chances are, you immediately begin thinking about having barbecue cookouts, spending time at the lake or coast, or taking a long awaited vacation.

Unfortunately, summer also means storms, and when you're involved in typical summer activities, it's easy to overlook the dangers.

Although the summer months are the most vulnerable time, severe weather can occur anytime, anywhere, and can produce hail, damaging winds, tornadoes, flooding, lightning or a combination of any or all of these.

In addition, some regions are susceptible to specific weather dangers, such as hurricanes. If you are in hurricane-prone area or an inland area vulnerable to indirect hurricane impact, be aware that summer is also hurricane season (traditionally June 1 through Nov. 30).

With the right planning, you don't have to let potential storm danger ruin your summer. It all boils down to preparation.

When you plan summer activities, your plans should include a designated shelter. If you're home, where in the house will you all locate to shelter from dangerous weather? Ideally, your home shelter should be on the lowest floor and center-most part of your home, away from windows (e.g., hallways, closets, bathrooms). Once a shelter location is designated and a plan is in-place, brief every family member so they know the 'who, what, when and where' of severe weather safety.

If you are planning an outing away from home, preparation is still the key. Do your research and make sure where you're headed has the right facilities and services for a fun, safe trip.

Several local or non-local sources can help you and your family prepare, including the Air Force Be Ready website at https://www.beready.af.mil, or go to the Department of Homeland Security's Ready website at https://www.ready.gov. You can also contact your base Emergency Management office.

No matter what resources you use, if your take the time to prepare, you will Be Ready!