AAFES partners with military relief funds to help Soldiers, Airmen in need

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  • By Army & Air Force Exchange Service Public Affairs
  • Army & Air Force Exchange Service Public Affairs

Helping those in need is always in season – and now Army & Air Force Exchange Service shoppers can donate any amount to military relief funds year-round at their nearest Exchange store.

Soldiers, Airmen and other authorized shoppers can donate to Army Emergency Relief, or AER, or the Air Force Assistance Fund, or AFAF, at the register at any Exchange.

Shoppers have the option to donate in increments of $1, $5 and $10 or can enter in a custom amount. Online donations can be made in $5 increments during checkout at ShopMyExchange.com.

“AER and AFAF take exceptional care of Soldiers, Airmen and families navigating difficult times, such as during the recent upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Exchange Director/CEO Tom Shull. “We’ve seen our military community grow stronger by standing together through the pandemic, and now Exchange shoppers can continue to support the important work of these relief funds anytime they shop.”

AER and AFAF provide emergency assistance, sponsor educational programs and offer community programs that make life better for service members and their families.

“The Exchange, and their valued customers, continue to be a huge supporter of our mission of helping members of the Army family,” said retired Lt. Gen. Raymond V. Mason, AER director. “The option of year-round giving in Exchange stores further strengthens this fantastic partnership and allows AER to expand assistance to Soldier and their families.”

Since 2017, Exchange shoppers have donated to AER and AFAF at the register, but only during select giving periods throughout the year. Exchange shoppers have donated nearly $800,000 to these agencies in the last three years. The year-round giving and custom amount options will help sustain support for service members and families throughout the year.

“Exchange shoppers have been generous with their donations,” said retired Lt. Gen. John D. Hopper Jr., CEO of the Air Force Aid Society, one of four charities that benefit from the AFAF. “Every dollar given is a helping hand to Airmen and their families in need.”