Reserve Space Range Squadron conducts Deployment Field Training Exercise

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Elizabeth M. Paget
  • 379th Space Range Squadron

Recently, the 379th Space Range Squadron conducted a Field Training Exercise during the Unit Training Assembly Sept. 10-13, 2020, at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado.

The purpose of the exercise was to test the Space Test and Training Range’s ability to conduct Space Range Operations in a simulated deployed environment by coordinating the Total Force team effectively throughout the planning, movement, and operations processes to ensure mission success.

“The 926 Wing leadership team was proud to witness our Airmen in action,” said Col. Sean Carpenter, 926th Wing commander, who visited the 926th Wing’s Geographically Separated Unit for the FTX.

Initial planning began over 12 months ago, with the originally scheduled exercise in May being postponed due to COVID-19.

The initial planning required utilizing the squadron’s engineers to develop network and Radio Frequency signal plans, while the squadron’s Mission Assurance personnel requested, inspected, and prepared the equipment for deployment.

Once ready, the equipment was packed and palletized for shipment to the training location, where the 379th worked together with contracted logisticians to line-haul the equipment quickly to the exercise location.

Once on site, the equipment was quickly downloaded by fork lift, assembled with all available manpower, calibrated, and configured for the range controllers.

The operators where then able to apply their training to operate the satellite terminals, monitor the signal environment, and manage the Space Range operations during the exercise.

Despite the unique challenges presented by the current environment, the STTR deliberately mitigated risks and succeeded in executing this culminating event that that required coordination with active-duty counterparts from the 25th Space Range Squadron, civilian contractors, and its own traditional reservist members.

“It was inspiring to see our reservists overcome the challenges of COVID-19 to safely and effectively exercise the unit’s mission surge capacity in a remote location and accomplish critical training requirements to maintain currency while partnering with a fellow Reserve unit, the 26th Space Aggressor Squadron, to efficiently use our allocated resources,” said Carpenter.

The FTX was effective in training the STTR’s members, validating its crews, and testing its capabilities in a deployed environment.

The 379th SRS is a tenant and Reserve associate unit to the 25th SRS, which falls under STAR Delta (Provisional) of the United States Space Force.

Both units maintain and operate the nation's only STTR, providing Department of Defense customers a safe and secure environment for space systems testing, training and exercise activities.