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  • Female defenders inspiring future generations

    During the month of March, we celebrate women and their contributions to the defense of our nation. Staff Sgt. Esther Blake was the first female to enlist in the newly formed Air Force on July 8, 1948, on the first hour of the first day women were authorized to join. Since that historic day, women

  • Know your resources: Sexual Assault

    Are you a survivor of sexual assault? Know your resources and where to seek help.If you are ready to talk to someone, you should know the difference between restricted and unrestricted reporting. Reporting OptionsA restricted report allows a survivor to confidentially disclose the assault, to

  • If You Think You Are Invincible, You Must Prove Me Wrong

    I am suicide.  From the beginning of time, countless people have tried and failed to eliminate me from society.  Regardless of society’s persistent efforts, I continue to claim victims, and my level of success has grown with each new generation.  To open one’s awareness, I offer insight that won’t

  • Resilience tactical pause: It's OK not to feel OK

    As you are probably aware, the chief of staff and the chief master sergeant of the Air Force directed all units to institute a tactical pause to address the suicide problem affecting the Total Force.

  • From the Top

    Heroes of the Air Force Reserve: I’m honored and humbled to take command of this outstanding organization.

  • Transitions: Reserve helps Airman find balance she craves

    JOINT-BASE SAN ANTONIO-Randolph, Texas – As I sat in the lobby of the Military Personnel Section at Travis Air Force Base, Calif., waiting for my active duty career to wrap up, my mind was filled with competing emotions.  On one side, there was disappointment in myself for not continuing with my

  • Service, 96th FTS-style

    “Thank you for your service.” How does it feel when you’re in uniform and hear those words? We take those words for granted. It always makes me feel a little awkward. I don’t really know how to reply. Most often, I reply with a simple “thank you” and a half-hearted smile. I know that a “thank you

  • Building officers of character

    “So what do you want to do when you grow up?” This is my standard ice-breaker question when flying with a new student for the first time.  My intent is not to make them feel uncomfortable; rather to assess whether or not they entered flight school to chase a dream. Most often, I get a rather modest,